Unit 00: Drawing

Unit 00: Drawing


Each cycle will contain 3 labs with core content designed to last 80 minutes and extension content. Class sessions in each cycle will be chunked into an 80 minute session and two 135 minute sessions. This should allow all students ample time to complete the core content of each of the three labs in a cycle while providing extension content to students who complete the labs more quickly.

Do Nows

Do Nows will provide quick challenges for the students to complete at the beginning of class. These challenges introduce or reinforce various coding skills such as code tracing, error literacy, troubleshooting, and other debugging skills.


Create some personally-meaningful drawing. First, a draft will be due with a sketch of the final project and some planning, including planned subroutines and pseudocode. Each drawing project should highlight the unique opportunities of computational art by utilizing repeated patterns, abstract designs, customization, and/or user/viewer interaction.